If you have any questions about specific pieces, feel free to email me. I love talking about my exquisite fabbies. Enjoy!

Polstitches Abyss opal Cashel

Polstitches Angel Dust Jobelan

Polstitches Bali Sunset Jobelan

Polstitches Big Bang Jobelan

Polstitches Celebration of Roses opal Cashel

Polstitches Cobblestones opal Cashel

Polstitches Fallen Leaves opal Cashel

Polstitches Forrest Queen Jobelan

Polstitches Friendship opal Lugana

Polstitches Lust & Laughter Jobelan

Polstitches Pixie's Playground Jobelan

Polstitches Rustic Rhubarb opal Cashel

Polstitches Spring Jobelan

Polstitches Taboo Jobelan

Polstitches Tiger Eyes Jobelan

Polstitches Tiger Lily Jobelan

Polstitches Toffee Popsicle opal Lugana

Polstitches Whisper opal Cashel

Solo from Leslie LaFleur

Cosmos Opal Belfast

Cordelia Opal Belfast
Cotton Candy 16-ct Aida
Tulip's Sunrise Opal Belfast

Fiery Skies LE Opal Cashel

Moonlit Waters Opal Belfast

Jewel 14 Belfast
Jewel 12 Belfast

Jewel 18 Belfast

Jewel 25 Opal Cashel

Jewel 4 Lugana

Jewel 18 Lugana

Jewel 6 Belfast



 Crossed Wing

Crossed Wing Deep Sea Permin Linen

Crossed Wing Lily Pond Permin Linen

Crossed Wing Vineyard Permin Linen

Crossed Wing Orchard Permin Linen


SMF Autumn Belfast

Lakeside Linens Cornsilk Belfast

Steph's Fabbys Sunset Opal Cashel

Sparklies Leo Opal Belfast
SMF Ice Pop Lugana

Picture This Plus
Crystal Chablis Lugana

Crystal Coastal Cashel

Crystal DaVinci Cashel

Earthen Belfast

Haunted Cashel

Haunted Belfast

Herald Cashel

Crystal Meditation Cashel

Crystal Monet Lugana

Crystal Opal Belfast

Spice Belfast

Crystal Zephyr Cashel

A note about Silkweaver:
Many people have experienced some issues with Silkweaver's customer service. This is where I stand:
I have had some problems with them, but it's been quite some time. My experience with them has taught me a few things. (1)I may need to adjust my expectations. Their fabrics don't always look like their pictures, but they've always been willing to try to make me happy if I'm not, either by re-dying or by refund. I haven't needed a refund yet. They've occasionally let me just keep a piece I wasn't happy with while waiting for the new one. (2) Don't order from them if you're in a hurry. Sometimes I get things quickly from them, especially if I order from the Tue/Wed Facebook sales; and sometimes it takes quite a while to get things shipped and geet them right. (3) Customer Service will sometimes just tell you what you want to hear. i.e. "It is shipping today/yesterday/end of week, etc." They're not being malicious, just trying to buy some time. (see #2) (4) Their level of mottling (hand-dyed look) that I like is not always present. Some come out a bit solid looking.

So, in conclusion, I will still buy from them, keeping in mind to not set my expectations too high. When they get it right, it can be a beautiful result. I haven't been buying as much anymore because I am so desperately in love with Polstitches and have several other companies to try out, as well.

Ametrine opal Lugana

Autumn Sunrise Cashel

Blue Dynasty Dublin
Days Gone By aida 18-ct

Elegance opal Lugana

Iris Garden Opal Lugana

Land & Sea opal Lugana

Midas Touch Opal Belfast

Pink Pizazz Opal Lugana

Porcelain Belfast (oops) - bad picture - no flash

Rainbow Dreams opal Lugana

Rainbow Sparkle Opal Lugana 1

Rainbow Sparkle Opal Lugana 2

Shimmering Romance opal Lugana

Snowstorm opal Lugana (oops)

Solo Lugana

Solo Aida 14

Solo Dublin

Solo opal Belfast

Solo Cashel

Solo opal Lugana

Sparkling Sundown Opal Lugana

Spring Garden Jobelan

Spring Garden opal Lugana

Spring Garden opal Aida 16-ct  #1

Starquest opal Lugana

Terra Cotta opal Lugana

Thunderstorm Cashel (oops)

Wandering Ivy opal Lugana
SW Hint of Heather Cashel


Andie said...

Ooooo LOVE! Is your Ametrine from SW from the new owners or the old? :D

Karen said...

From the new owners. A little too dark for what I planned, but really pretty. I'll just have to find something else to put on it.

Pull the other thread said...

Just found your blog. Wow that is an impressive selection of fabrics. I must try out some hand dyed fabby at some point, but working on HAED charts that are solid stitching it would seem like a waste for me. Also your Christmas counter freaked me out :D

Jennifer said...

Many many thanks for your pictures, it is really a big help for me to choose my fabrics :D !!!