Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your fabric stashes

Hiya Stitchers!

I'm very excited! I get to make a substantial purchase of Polstitches fabric in the next few days. I've been waiting quite a while for this, and it is my very first Polstitches. My wish list is huge and I have to narrow it down. I'd love if you would share with me your favorite Polstitches fabrics. (I'd like to hear about other favorites, too.) If you have some pictures of your fabbys, either stitched on or not, please share links to your pix. I'm sure the other stashaholics out there would love the temptation. (Am I being an enabler?)



Ginny said...

Have never ordered from Polstitches before, but have heard nice things. Can't wait to see what you purchase and hear how it all goes. Good luck making your fabric choices.

Andie said...

I have taboo on linen opal and its gorgeous. I find that their fabrics are a really good match if you buy the Jobelan which is their sample fabric. Some don't turn out so good on a linen...... unless you like bright splotches of yellow..... eg fireworks ( rinsed this and although the other colours faded the yellow didn't budge) sniff and sneeze and even cosmos has a splotch.
I have and love Taboo, Heavens Above, Colourful Clouds, Spring, Nessie, Mythical Mermaid, Shimmering Seas..... I think thats all lol
Have fun shopping! :D