Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Pasty Tour arrives on my blog!

I'm thrilled to be the host of today's stop of The Pasty Tour blog tour, celebrating the release of Marjie Myers new book 12 Days/Young 80.

Marjie (Kate N. of The Suddenly Kate Show) has been touring around blogland all this month. She has done quite a few interviews. I asked her if she wanted to do something a little different during her stop here.

I have read the book and am very happy to be able to offer up a review. Stay tuned until the end when you will be treated to something very special, a Flash Fiction offering inspired by one of my stitched pieces!

I know!! OMG!! How cool is that??

The synopsis of the book:

This ebook consists of two short stories, 
12 Days
A romantic comedy; a man, a woman, a dog, a challenge, romance, laughter, memories, love & hope.
Young 80 
A horror; a young woman, a foggy night, a race home, trapped, scared, confused, crazy, an old woman, an empty room, a lost love and hope.

 So here is my humble opinion of the new book:

12 Days

It only took me about four paragraphs to fall head over heels for the earnest, but romantically bumbling Ryan. He tries to exercise his underused charm muscles in preparation for proposing marriage to his girlfriend, by offering a sweet gesture on each of the 12 days before Christmas. But, Ryan manages to court disaster with much more success than courting Sarah.

Chocolate, miscues, and a large boxer all threaten the future of Ryan and Sarah’s happily ever after. Will they even survive the holidays?

Marjie Myers weaves a fabric striped with hilarious gaffes and blunders, hemmed at the end by an unexpected twist and a cheeky pun.

Young 80
Marjie Myers

In a rapid change of pace, Marjie Myers tears me out of the embrace of Ryan and Sarah’s story, to douse me with the chill of Halloween, and Anna’s late night at the office.

Like the cold fog that rolls in, the suspense of Anna’s midnight walk builds ever darker. As everything falls apart around her, I don’t know whether to nervously laugh or to cry at her misfortunes, and at her realization of misplaced priorities.

As the anxiety heightens, Ms. Myers adds another signature wicked twist that leaves me stunned.

What an enjoyable and entertaining read!

Please check out the book for yourself, here!

Since Kate is an avid stitcher (among many other things), she asked me to send a picture of a favorite piece of my stitching. I sent her a copy of my Joan Elliott fairy round robin. As it turns out, she is a big fan of Joan Elliott, as well.

She looked at my piece and, lo and behold, she wrote an amazing story about it!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Seven Sisters

There were seven of them, the winged angels, each as beautiful as the other. They differed slightly but there was no mistaking that they were sisters and each with their own story to tell.
Sabrina, Sadie, Samira, Sasha, Scarlett, Serena and Sierra.
They had spent most of their lives living under a mulberry bush just outside The Fairy Ring and it hadn’t been an easy life for them. They could enter the ring but they were unable to attend gala’s and festivals where they might meet the one who they would make fairy dust with, they were bullied and ridiculed by those who lived in The Fairy Ring and were never allowed to visit their mother.
Life outside the fairy ring meant that they could be seen by anyone, they were unprotected against being spotted by humans or wildlife, they were not able to bathe in the morning dew that gave their wings that magical sparkle and they could never perch atop a toadstool combing their flaxen hair.
Life had not always been like this. There was a time when they did live in the fairy ring, when they did all these things that they could no longer do, a time when their worries were few. Their mother was the only daughter of the Fairy King and he doted on her and had once doted on them. But she had chosen to stay in the Fairy Ring the day they had left.
Their father had been the leader of the RFA (Rebel Fairy Army) when the uprising had begun and they had been cast out to fend for themselves along with the others who had dared to stand up against the Fairy King. As children they had resented their father for taking them and plotted against him, blaming him for anything and everything that didn’t go their way. But as ungrateful and ruthless as they were their father never lost faith in them, never loved them any less and always held their trust.
As adults, that they now were, they understood the cause that he had been fighting for. He had wanted justice, equality and freedom for all fairies, he wanted the fairy class system abolished and the atrocities to stop. They stood beside him now looking down at his lifeless body, each vowing to avenge his death whichever way they knew how.

Thank you so much, Kate, for giving me the opportunity to play hostess. And thanks for being patient and understanding through my sickness. Feeling much better now.

This was really fun for me, and allowed me to indulge in a few moments of self-importance. Snort!


Julie said...

Your RR is a stunning piece of work, well done to all the ladies who stitched on this for you. How very special to have such a lovely story written for such a beautiful piece, it would be nice for each of the ladies to have a written copy of this to keep as a momento of such a fabulous thing.

Lynn Bourke said...

Wow! A gorgeous RR, with a lovely story written about the piece...Fab!

Lynn Gerrard said...

What a delight to read and I'm in awe of the obvious talent behind such beautiful stitching. On my part I can't sew a button on without needing a lie down to recover!
Kate's piece is, as always, so well written that it's a perfect accompaniment for such an ethereal setting. Well done all!..:)

cucki said...

Such sweet rr and very sweet story about it..
Love x

Anonymous said...

What a very special RR piece! And to have a story written about it is just over the moon! The RR is gorgeous and the story is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well done Karen, lovely review, lovely RR piece and lovely story.... yep, lovely!

Kate N said...

Karens work is gorgeous and thank you all for your kins comments about my story! thank you.

Kaisievic said...

Great review, great stitchery and a great new story. Thanks so much for sharing, Karen and Kate.

Andie said...

Oh wow! Thats so awesome!!! I enjoyed your review too and will have to hunt up the book, although scary isn't usually something I enjoy I might even give the 2nd one a go :D