Sunday, January 22, 2012

WIPocalypse in Pictures

 I thought I'd post some pics of where my WIPocalypse list begins. This isn't everything on my list, and the Round Robins are continually circulating. (I have three more in my bag to be finished in the next couple of weeks.) I just recently kitted up Lady Alexandra and decided I'd probably rather work on her than try to accomplish a Passione Ricamo piece. She seems like a pretty easy stitch.

Since I signed up for WIPocalypse after the first full moon I didn't actually post pictures, just my to do list. So this is sort of making up for that, and gives me a visual jumping off point for the year.

Thanks to all of you that have started following me. Every time someone new joins up I start hollering to my husband, "I'm up to 13!" He's actually somewhat impressed, but he seems to have no concept of how many of us stitch-obsessed people are out there. TFL!
Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Mediterranean Mermaid
Enchanted Dreamer
Lady A instead of a Passione Ricamo

Trick or Treat Fairy

Shimmering Seashells Sampler
My "Something Bargello-ish" Tile-2 from Something Different
Finish Handiwork Memories for MIL (so close to done!)
Key To My Heart

My Mira 2011 Round Robin (I've started Fairy Flora in my box)

My most recent UFO RR addition


Melanie said...

Love the fabric for Trick or Treat Fairy; can I ask what it is? :)

Beth Pearce said...

Now you have 15 followers! You have an impressive list of WIP's. I will look forward to watching them progress!

StitchyWoman said...

Thanks! The number of WIPs for this year is not so impressive when compared to the number of projects I have kitted up. >embarassed<

The fabric for TOT is a Silkweaver solo based on "Ametrine." It's a 28-ct. opal Lugana. I wanted a lighter shade of Ametrine for something else. This one came out kinda weird (purple, lime green, brown), but it was perfect for a Halloween piece.

Heidi said...

Absolutely gorgeous projects! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Joysze said...

Beautiful projects. Looking forward to seeing them take shape.

Andie said...

Oh I absolutely adore your projects and the fabrics you have chosen for them!! Whats the one you are going to do Enchanted Dreamer on?

StitchyWoman said...

It is PTP Meditation opal Cashel. I thought it would be a little bit lavender, but it's just blue. It's still beautiful in person.