Sunday, January 15, 2012


So here is the first draft of my WIPocalypse plans. Many of these are actual WIPs, but some of them haven't been started yet, and possibly haven't even been kitted yet. I really want to get some of the earlier mentioned finishes framed this year. I decided that there is no way I'll be able to pay to have them framed. (Outrageous what they charge!) So for Christmas I asked for and received a point driver, and intend to learn how to frame my own stuff at a fraction of the cost. Maybe next Christmas I'll ask for a mat cutter so I can have some pieces matted, too.

2012 Stitching Plans (aka Wishful Thinking)

  1. Mermaids of the Deep Blue - Mirabilia
  2. Mediterranean Mermaid - Mirabilia
  3. Enchanted Dreamer - Mirabilia
  4. Queen of Fairies – Passione Ricamo
  5. Bluebell Pixie – Nora Corbett
  6. TOT Fairy for a special friend’s October b-day
  7. Shimmering Seashells Sampler – Patricia Ann
  8. Gingerbread Garden Sampler – Victoria Sampler
  9. Something bargello-ish
  10. My 2011 Mirabilia RR – finish my square
  11. My 2011 Band Sampler RR – finish at bottom
  12. 2011-2012 UFO RR (maybe someday I'll get my own back. sigh)
  13. Mirabilia RR – 2012
  14. Joan Elliott RR
  15. Band Sampler RR 2012
  16. Key To My Heart – Stoney Creek (for my Dad)
  17. Handiwork Memories – Stoney Creek (nearly done gift for MIL)
  18. Spring Garden – Stoney Creek (nearly done gift for Mom)
  19. Hang bellpulls for sis
  20. Frame at least 50% of finished projects


Measi said...

Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse, Karen - I've added you to the list. I love your project list!

Valentina said...
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Valentina said...

Hi Karen, I'm glad you started blogging. I've seen all your past finishes and I love them all. Can't wait to see your progresses through the wipocalypse.
I deleted the comment before because I noticed I mis-spelled too many words!!