Friday, June 29, 2012

Is it Hunky Friday already? (pic heavy)

It's that time again.

My inspiration for today's post came to me last night while watching Wrath of the Titans. (Sequel to 2009 Clash of the Titans) The movie wasn't that great. I prefer the first one. There were more hunks in the first one. (See a bunch of hunks below!)

Specifically, though, this week's hunk is Sam Worthington. Gosh, I love hunky Aussie actors. But, then there's hunky Scottish actors, and hunky Asian actors, and.....well, I guess there are hunks to be found everywhere.

And more hunks from Clash of the Titans:

Next week I am hoping to go see Magic Mike. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration there. ;-)


Parsley said...

Wouldn't it be funny to throw in a real eye sore pic some Friday? lol Have a great weekend full of stitching!

Hely said...

*drools* Sam really looks good! :)