Friday, August 17, 2012

A TUSAL, a Hunk, and a RAKing new project

I have a jam-packed post for you today!

Firstly, it's TUSAL time again. Once more my dearest, naughtiest Honeybee brings you my ORT report. Take it away, Honeybee!

My orts just keep mashing down further and further. Of course the Girl-child likes to shake them down, too. I feel like this is the bottomless jar that I could fill forever!

Next up:
I am continually moved by the kindness and generosity of my stitchy friends. I've been sent a bunch of things in the last couple of months, and I've decided to put much of what I received into one great project. Dear, sweet Andie sent me her chart of Maidenhair once she finished hers. It is bee-yoo-tee-ful, by the way! I thought, "What will I stitch her on?" I realized that the fabric hand-dyed just for me by Leslie was not only the perfect size, but a fantastic color for Maidenhair as well. Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be kismet if I could work in some of the variegated DMC that Melanie sent me?" The answer was a resounding "Yes!" One of the colors she sent is a wonderful sub for 3838, which is a large portion of the skirt.

So, not that I really needed another start, (Oy vay!) but I couldn't keep my hands off of it, and I've decided to refer to Maidenhair as my Random Act of Kindness Project.

And, of course, it is Friday!

The movie The Expendables 2 opens today. I can't wait to see it!! I have to remember to post one of my all-time favorite hunks next week, Dolph Lundgren.

But this week I offer to you Jason Statham.


Terri said...

OMG!!!!!! I just LOVE your blog!

Oh, the kitty and the stitching are great too! :-)

tadamama said...

Beautiful ORTs and I love the RAK project! And of course, your Hunky Friday! ;-)

By the way, I received my prize today. Thank you so much for the stitch counter you included! I love it! And the charts are great! Thanks again!

Andie said...

What an awesome project!! The fabric is fab!!! And such gorgeous colours!!!

As usual your hunk is very hunky!!! Isn't it funny how a guy with a receding hairline can be hot, definitely wouldn't have said that twenty years ago! Roflol. I love pic number four :)

Anonymous said...


Your blog is great!
Lovely project and fabric and the hunk isn't bad either!

Holly x

Anonymous said...

Your project start looks wonderful. Love the fabric and can't wait to see what Maidenhairs skirt looks like with your floss change. What a great project it's going to be. Love the hunk, too. I'm not familiar with him, but he is hunky.