Friday, August 10, 2012

I've been busy, but it's Hunky Friday!

I've been up to stitchy craziness, in a good way. Not that I don't have anything to do, (deadlines, eh?) but I'm starting to get ready for January's kick-off of the Mirabilia Large-Stitch round robin. We decided that we'd like to do an RR in which we can get more of a design in, i.e. fairy wings, mermaid fins, etc. So, we will have a guideline of 5000 stitches, compared to our normal 2500, and we'll have 12 weeks per round instead of 6 weeks.

I decided I wanted to do a "Mermaid" theme. I didn't really want to go with the typical geometric shape for stitch areas. What I really wanted was something softer, less rigid. So I've been working on marking up some charts into soft areas of an appropriate size. I picked a seashell motif to put in the center of my fabric.

Yesterday, I spent a bunch of time on PC Stitch plotting everything out, and here's my result.

Now keep in mind that they won't be stitched as silhouettes, and the boxes around them are just for basting so we can keep the placement where I'd like it. When I had everything mapped out I drew in some seaweed. I think I'll get some Waterlilies for the seaweed. What do you think?

No, I didn't is Hunky Friday. There's a new James Bond movie coming out in a while, and I was inspired by the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. Here's Daniel Craig...


tadamama said...

Awesome planning for the RR...can't wait to see how it looks! And yay for James Bond!

Andie said...

Oh my gawd!!! Hes so super hot he should be on fire!!!! Wait my drooling just put the fire out;). Pity drooling is such an unattractive look lol

The planning for your RR looks fab! Looking forward to updates :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Karen. I love the Mermaid layout and may have to steal that some day in the future. Waterlilies for the seaweed would look awesome! I will be watching this one come to life.
The hunk...I am afraid we all have the pathetic, drooling look every time you post Hunky Friday. My keyboard is a mess again :o)