Friday, January 4, 2013

In with the new (list)

Okay, I have revamped my "To do" list for 2013. I have decided that I don't really care if it is realistic or not. I may end up starting another bunch of things this year as they call to me. Now, that's not to say that I won't try as hard as I can to meet the goals I set out for myself, but I won't be broken-hearted  if I don't accomplish everything.

The funny thing about last year's list is that on one line there will be a project that only needs a few more stitches and/or beads, and on another line there is a round robin that consists of up to eight portions. If I start to feel bad about my accomplishments from last year, I can always take a look at my "Round Robin Finishes" page. You should look there, too. I'm fairly impressed with that.

Here's the kicker, though: There are a bunch of things on this list that are very close to done, or at least more than halfway finished. So, I really want to bang those things out and cross them off my list. Can I do it? Can I be a WIP Slayer like Melanie? Who knows?

2013 Stitching Plans

1.      Mermaids of the Deep Blue – Mirabilia
2.      Queen of Fairies – Passione Ricamo
3.      TOT Fairy for October birthday
4.      My 2011 Mirabilia RR – finish my square
5.      My 2011 Band Sampler RR – finish at bottom
6.      2012 Band Sampler RR – almost done
7.      Key to My Heart – Stoney Creek
8.      Handiwork Memories – Stoney Creek
9.      Spring Garden – Stoney Creek
10.  Passione Ricamo Mistery Fairy SAL
11.  Bellydancer No. 1 – Yiota
12.  RAK Project – Maidenhair
13.  The Book Store – Country Cottage Needleworks
14.  Overlook CafĂ©
15.  Mirabilia Large-Stitch RR 2013
16.  Joan Elliott RR – May 2013 start
17.  Butterfly Garden – The Drawn Thread
18.  Fire Goddess – Joan Elliott
19.  Joan Elliot 2013 Diary SAL
20. PIF project

I will be finished with Cub Scouts in late March. When I say finished, I mean DONE! My hubby and I went back and forth for a while about whether we wanted to let the boy-child continue on into Boy Scouts. We had several reasons on the "no" side: 1. We're not happy with some of the things that the BSA said last year; 2. I ended up having to commit way too much time to scouting as a Den Leader, Advancements Chair, and a Committee member; and 3. There is a leader involved with several of the local troops that has had a couple of arrests for drunk driving. I'd really like to avoid him. He is a bad man, but our BSA Council can't seem to get rid of him. In the end, my husband and I have decided to keep our son in scouts with the agreement that my husband will take over the running to meetings, activities, etc., and we will strictly limit our volunteering to small tasks.

Sorry for the digression. My point was that I hope to have more stitching time after March.

So, there it is. My new list. Keep your fingers crossed that I can make a dent this year.

*hugs and stitches*
~ Karen


Beth Pearce said...

Good luck! I will mentally cheer you on, but if I keep my fingers crossed, I won't be able to stitch - LOL

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice list! I love making lists then changing them.
Don't you have the equivalent of a CRB check in the States? (Criminal Records Bureau) Everyone involved with children or the elderly has to have a check done to see if they have a criminal record. This even applies to volunteers. without one you can't be with a child without their parent present.
I've cut back my voluntary stuff too, in 2011 I had 6 different commitments, now it's only 2 and one on hold until Sept.

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome list, Karen and I think that you have the right attitude about it. Cub scouts and boy scouts is a lot of work, but in this day and time, it's hard to let your little ones (and older ones) go alone when there are so many things on the news we now know about. My hubby did all the huge commitments with our older son, I did it with my younger son. But when it came to the boy scouts, I felt hubby should be involved there and it worked out great. The older boys kind of don't want Mom that involved anyway. So, hopefully you will have more stitching time this year. I will enjoy watching your WIP's and stitching with you this year.

Kathy A. said...

Yep, that, is a reasonable list just like mine. Look forward to watching your beautiful stitches come together.