Friday, May 11, 2012

I called in sick

Dear Readers,

Sorry that I did not post last week for Hunky Friday or WIPocalypse. I was sick for about a week. I was trying a new medication and it made me quite ill. blech!

So, here I am, back at it. Just in time for a new Hunky Friday.

But first, let's discuss WIPocalypse. I have several things that I can't post piccies of yet, as they are round robin sections and I don't want to spoil the surprise for when they're finished. That is if the stupid frog leaves my house and I actually can finish them...

So, since the last WIP post I have worked on my section of Ginny's Mirabilia RR. I'm nearly half-way on that. I've also worked on my section of Michelle's Joan Elliott RR. After frogging a huge amount of that one, I'm at least 1/3 done. (I'd better hurry. Deadlines are coming up.)

I finally finished Melva's naughty little frog-loving Joan Elliott angel.

I finished Johanna's Mirabilia RR square with Ladyslipper. (Loved this one!)

I did as much as I could on Lindsay's UFO RR tiger, before having to get it in the mail. I didn't quite finish the cross-stitching, but it is close.

I got the top section of my new Band Sampler RR with the theme of "Sweetheart Tree Summer," and got that mailed off.

I think that covers most of the stitches I placed since the last WIPocalypse post.

Now, what you've all been waiting for...HUNKY FRIDAY!

I've been very much into Game of Thrones lately. I am simultaneously watching Season 2 on HBO and reading the corresponding George R.R. Martin book, Clash of Kings.

Without further adieu, here is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister in GOT.

 Stay tuned next week as I begin a Hunky lead-up to the new season of True Blood. Can't wait!


Beth Pearce said...

You have done an amazing amount of stitching! Congratulations.

Veronica said...

You've certainly gotten a lot of stitching done. You've done a great job on the RRs. All four look amazing.

Mmm... That's a hunk alright.


Anonymous said...


You've done loads of stitching and it all looks great!

Very tasty hunk (:

Ginny said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope that you are feeling much better now. All of your stitching's look fabulous! Looks like you have been busy. I don't recognize the hunky guy, but he is hunky. Would love to watch the True Blood series, but I think that's an HBO show??

Valentina said...

Great stitching!

Parsley said...

Don't know why I get the giggles every Friday here. hehehee

Love the stitching by the way. You've had busy fingers.

Oh..This is 'Autumn' and I've opened my old blog where I was Parsley. Hope to see you there.

Andie said...

Sorry you have been unwell! Wow look at all that stitching!!
Hes kinda cute.... you can keep him :D