Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July WIPocalypse

Well, here we are. Another month has gone by. Have I gotten any stitching done? Yes, but not enough.

I finished Cat's Band Sampler RR. Boy, was that one a doozy!

Cat's Band Sampler RR
I finished Linda's Mirabilia RR. Garden Beauty. I gave her a little nose job. She had quite a beak on her.

Linda's Mirabilia RR

I'm around halfway through Stephanie's Joan Elliott Garden Fairies RR. I don't usually like to show partial pix of RR squares, but I tried being clever keeping my section unfocused in the back. (A trick I got from Laura of Passione Ricamo, revealing unfocused teaser pieces.)
Stephanie's JE Garden Fairies RR

Speaking of Passione Ricamo...I have the supplies to start the Mistery SAL (except a few PTBs), but I haven't had time to start it yet.

But, speaking of new starts...I figured I needed to start a wee bit on the Bellydancer kit that I am reviewing for Yiota's . I managed to quickly do the first two 10 x 10 blocks yesterday.

Bellydancer No 1 from Yiota's
"What else have you done, Karen?" you ask. Well, I decided that I'm not happy with my DMC StitchBows, so I'm going back to Ye Olde Floss Bobbins. I've been winding, and winding, and winding...and I haven't even scratched the surface. The Girl-child seems to enjoy watching me wind, though.

By the next WIPocalypse check-in I will need to have worked on and/or finished: Steph's JE RR, Kathy's Sweetheart Tree Band Sampler RR, Kathy's Mirabilia RR, and Debbie's JE RR. Not to mention putting a dent in the Bellydancer, completing Section 1 of the PR SAL, and starting Section 2. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but in a good way.

That about sums up this month. See you in August!


Beth Pearce said...

Wow - what you have already gotten done this month is amazing, but what you plan for next month - whew! Good luck, but looking at your beautiful stitching, I guess you don't need it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got quite a bit of stitching done, to me. Everything looks fantastic. I want to watch your progress on the Belly Dancer.

Marcy said...

Good luck with all that winding of floss -- I could never sit still enought to do it. Your rr's look great -- I love the band sampler.

robindefender said...

Congrats on the Round Robin finishes. They look quite pretty. And good luck with the floss winding.

Hely said...

Her nose looks really good now! Well done :) I really love that pattern and it's on my massive to do-list. Gonna change her nose as well when I get there :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow, you're doing alot of RRs!
Cat's looks great, I'm really looking forward to this one.
It's funny but I don't like posting pics of RR WIPS either, I wonder why?