Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I been baaaad!

I have been a bit naughty this week. My checking account is melting!

I've now placed three different orders for beads. (Lots of Swarovski!) I ordered two chartpacks from Joan Elliott, and if that weren't bad enough, I asked Jo from Polstitches to add two other fabbies to my monthly L/E club piece. Oooo, I hope Sean doesn't notice. I might get a spankin'!


Anonymous said...

I won't tell. I've done quite a bit of retail therapy myself this week. I even went to PTP, just to check it out and see what they had...I picked up a few pieces of hand dyeds. "But they were in 16Ct and I LOVE 16 ct." So I know exactly how you feel. And it will be fun for both of us when our goodies arrive :o)

tadamama said...

I love a good retail therapy session...I desperately need one too! Thanks for introducing me to both sites in your post - I've bookmarked them for future shopping sessions!