Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pay It Forward (PIF) and a SAL conundrum

A little ways back, I read a blog entry from dear Rahenna. She was chosen to participate in an exchange by the equally dear Kaye. Kaye had been sent a PIF gift from someone else, and was inspired to pay it forward by offering a handmade gift to three more people who agreed to then pay it forward to three more people each. (Sorry if that's confusing.)

I recalled that I've been very blessed (and lucky) to have been sent a number of lovely gifts this year, so I asked Rahenna if I could participate.

Would you like to receive a handmade gift from me?

Here's how it works:

1.  Understand that you will be expected to offer three gifts to others if you participate.
2.  Leave a comment here with your email address so I can contact you. :)
3.  If more than three people are interested in the PIF, I will do a drawing.
4. Stitchy gifts are the best, but you don't necessarily have to limit yourself to cross stitch. Any handmade gift will do, but you should specify that when you post yours. I will likely do a small cross stitch gift, and/or something sewn.
5. You may set your own time limit for when you will make and send the gifts. Kaye chose 12 months. I think I will go with 6 months.

I will leave the sign up open until November 30.

I'm excited about this opportunity to share with you how grateful I've been for your friendship.

Now, for my conundrum. I think I definitely qualify as a Serial Starter. There are so many projects out there. I have so many charts and projects kitted up. I want to do them all right now, but my ability to make progress has been, shall we say, spotty? Just wait until you see my WIPocalypse summary at the end of the year. (eyes roll to back of head)

I've tried to limit my commitments to round robins for next year. I've only signed up for two: the Mirabilia Large-Stitch, and a new Joan Elliott. I really want to do a little stitching for myself in 2013.

I think I have an addiction. There are several SALs starting next year, and a project or two that would work nicely as a monthly goal sort. As it is, the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL I started this year has stalled. Part 5 was released Nov. 1, and I've only completed Part 2! I'm trying to convince myself to either not join/start any more SAL/monthly projects, or just pick one. (I'm hopeless...really)

Here are the ones I'm thinking about:
1. Country Cottage - Santa's Village SAL (Here's the FB group)
2. Joan Elliott Fantasy Stitcher's Diary SAL
3. Ellen Maurer-Stroh Flowers of the Month
4. Ink Circles "99" (I will probably start this anyway. I can pick it up any time and just add one bottle. It's for my DH.)
5. Country Cottage - Cottage of the Month

What am I to do? I'm nuts. Seriously.


cucki said...

wow all those sal sound so much fun..
you going to be really busy..but its nice..
happy stitching
love cucki xxx

Kaisievic said...

HI Karen, Please count me in your PIF (does that mean that we are going around in circles?????) lol!

I am a serial SAL starter, too - I am going to post about it in a day or two. I just say "Go for it" life is too short - stitch what you feel like stitching.

By the way, I am doing the Passione Ricamo one, too but I haven't even started!!!!!!

hugs from your fellow serial starter (at least we are not serial stalkers or killers! lol!), Kaye

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Hi Karen,

I have not yet started a SAL because I am not sure I could keep on track. I probably will next year if/when I can find one to join (of course taht is after THE MOVE). I think I would also like to try a Round Robin. Maybe one of these days. :)

The only thing I think you really need to consider is if you have a great/wonderful/relaxing time participating in the SAL's and Round Robins.


tadamama said...

I haven't started any SAL's because of my plan to join in the Crazy January Challenge...but of your choices, I would definitely do the Santa Village one - I will probably collect the pieces for that to stitch later!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Joan Elliott!! If only because I'm helping get it going on the FB page LOL.

Reynaldo Rivas said...

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