Friday, November 2, 2012

Results and a fiery hunk

Here I am. The bad blogger.

I've been so absent lately. I haven't been checking in on your blogs as much as usual. I haven't been stitching as much as usual. aaargh! I apologize for not being very attentive. I'm just having that feeling of not enough hours in the day.

I haven't even posted anything for WIPocalypse yet. It feels like I just posted about 2 weeks ago, and I have very little to show you. (again) I'll put up some pictures in the next couple of days.

For those of you that shared your opinions regarding my "seaweed," thank you so much!! The results were overwhelming. You all seem to like my original "viney" looking scribble. That's really all it was, too...a scribble on PC Stitch while I was laying out the shells and mermaids. Because it was such a haphazard scribble initially, but you all like the flow of it, I think I will go with Version 1, but I will try to tweak it a bit and make it more polished. I will probably stitch it in a couple of shades of overdyed floss. When I clean up the pattern I will share a new copy.

Be on the lookout...I will be posting soon about a PIF (Pay It Forward) exchange.

But, lest we forget, today is FRIDAY! And you all know what that means...another hunk!

I've been watching a new show called "Chicago Fire." Naturally, since I do live in the far west suburbs of the Windy City. And, girls, let me tell you, this show is wall-to-wall hunkiness!! Woot, woot!

My favorite hunk on the show is an actor by the name of, Taylor Kinney. I just found out today that Taylor is romantically involved with Lady Gaga. Who knew?

Please enjoy Taylor.

See you soon!
*hugs and stitches*
~ Karen


tadamama said...

Yummy! And can't wait to see the cleaned up and finalized plans for your RR!

cucki said...

Have a lovely weekend dear xxx

Emma said...

Lady Gaga?! I didn't know that either! But I must say I am enjoying the show so far for the same reasons... ;)

Anonymous said...

Those photos...let's just say that I had to shut my computer down it was starting to smoke! Ha! What a hunka hunk! Will have to stalk Chicago Fire when I can. I think it's on when I watch something else...Can't wait to see your Large stitch RR come to life.

Andie said...

*hugs* Hope you feel like your getting a bit more time. It may of course be caused by all this hunk staring..... lolz Your supposed to stitch and listen not look and drool roflol, he is very cute and I think he deserves much better than Lady G.... just my 2cw