Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!

Yes, I'm 29 again! (as if)

Thank you for all the b-day wishes! We actually did most of our celebrating yesterday. We left the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's, and were stunned at how nice and peaceful it was in the car. The dear hubby then took me out to a movie. We saw Expendables 2, full of all those wonderful action-movie hunks. Yummy! We did a little shopping: he got some shoes and I got a new purse and wallet. And then...we went out to dinner at Port Edward, where I had, get this...lobster bisque, prime rib, lobster tail, and for dessert, Bananas Foster. Wow!!!

The fun doesn't end there! Today I got a card from the hubby, and a present full of stitchy stuff. Woo hoo! Now, let me explain to you how to get the perfect stitchy birthday presents for yourselves. First you go to your LNS and get all the stuff you want, then hand the bag and some wrapping paper to your DH. He can probably handle the rest, and he'll likely be thankful that you received what you really wanted without his having to figure it out. Tee hee!

But, that's not all! I received the best birthday card ever!! My dear, sweet Jo from Serendipitous Stitching sent me my very first cross-stitched birthday card, and is it beautiful! It has beads, metallics, and variegated threads. Swoon! Jo said that the blonde mermaid is supposed to be me, and the dark-haired one is her. I love that!! Thank you so much, sweet Jo!

And, if that weren't enough, I received some fabric on Friday from Leslie's Under the Sea Fabrics, and they are absolutely exquisite! They came out even prettier than I pictured.

Cosmos Opal Belfast
Cordelia Opal Belfast

Ah yes, I'm a lucky girl. The only thing that could make this any better would be CHEESECAKE! Oh, Sweeeeeetieeeee...........


Minnie said...

Happy Birthday, it sounds like you are having a beautiful celebration, enjoy. Oh yeah I shared your technique with my husband because Christmas is coming.

The Crafty Princess said...

Happy Birthday Karen. I love your post it was so full of exuberance I could actually feel your happiness. Lovely gifts from family and friends. I love love love those fabrics and I bet they will be awesome to stitch on!!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Happy Birthday! like the look of your new stash especially the fairy and what amazingly beautiful fabric you have there - gonna have to get me some of that - have fun and take care!

cucki said...

Happy birthday dear..
Lovely gift from family and friends
Enjoy them xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great 29th!! Love all of your fabulous gifts. That stitched card is the sweetest! Hope you get cheesecake soon :o)

Joysze said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday, Karen!!! :D

NICE stash too!!!! How was your cheesecake? ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Did you get a candle in your cheesecake?

Glad you liked your card and all your birthday goodies. Such a great excuse to spoil yourself!

Kathy A. said...

I am so sorry I missed your birthday Karen. 60 lashes with a wet noodle for me.
And hugs and kisses for you!
Happy Belated Birthdy my dear!!!

Valentina said...

Belated Happy Birthday Karen!

Andie said...

squeeeee! Happy Birthday :D