Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm baaaack!

Did you miss me? Did you think I disappeared with some hunk? No, nothing that exciting. The entire family came down with nasty colds. I was on my rump last Friday, so no hunk last week.

However, the cold is almost gone, so I'm back with a hunk.

So this guy was a favorite of mine for quite a while, but he sort of disappeared for a couple of years. Last week, while languishing away on the couch with a kleenex stuffed up my nose, I watched Fast Five. I remember now why I liked Vin Diesel so much. And to top it off, also in the movie was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. You should all know how I feel about that guy. Woo woo!

I hope you enjoy Vin Diesel.

Vin and The Rock--HEAVEN!

Be still my heart!

Look out below! Not for the faint of heart. Click for a bigger picture. ;-)

Happy Friday! See you on TUSAL day. And for those of you that are hermitting, have a great IHSW!

Oh, I almost forgot! Did you notice I've got over 5,000 pageviews now? How cool is that?


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Gotta agree with you here - Vin Diesel is definately a Hunk! 5,000 page views - wow that is a lot! Here's to 5,000 more! Happy Stitching

cucki said...

welcome back dear :)

Ginny said...

Sorry to hear that you were down with a cold. Hope all is better with you and the entire family. The hunk that bad boy look.

Joysze said...

Well, I'm glad you had him, memories, and kleenex for company. LOL!!!

Hope you're feeling better!!!!

Andie said...

I'm scrolling back thru and catching up will go forwards and comment soon...... what can I say except....
"The things I'm gonna do for my country" xxx
love that line :D