Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Easter Bunny Mashed My Orts! (and Hunky Saturday?)

I'm a bit tardy posting for Hunky Friday as it is now Saturday evening, but I've had a rough week. Have no fear, a lovely hunk can be found at the end.

The week started out bad last Sunday when the 9-year-old boy-child launched a swear word. Not a real bad one, but he knows he's not allowed to swear. He lost electronics for the rest of the day. Fine. Monday we were having issues over dinner. Probably about eating vegetables. Can't even remember at this point, but the argument got heated and the kid batted another zinger out of the park. This time it was a reference to um, cow manure. Okay. Sent to bed early. Grounded for a day. A writing assignment of "I am not an adult. I will not swear." 20 times. Tuesday, he did something so bad that I can't even tell you about it. His father and I were absolutely stunned. And no, he didn't swear again. That would've been welcome as opposed to what he did. So, grounded for a week. No outside, no buddy's birthday party, no family fun night at the school, no Wii, very limited TV. ugh

On Thursday our Developmental Pediatrician and her team tried to tell us that the girl-child has Autism Spectrum Disorder. I absolutely disagree, and will probably get a second opinion.

At this point, I need a martini.

Instead, I went to my LNS for some retail therapy. It worked out well, as it was their Anniversary Sale!

I got a Drawn Thread chart, Butterfly Garden; a Little House thread pack, Cappuccino; some DMCs I needed for some kitting up I've been working on; also, some Kreiniks for my Band Sampler round robin with a theme of Sweetheart Tree Summer colors; and some fabrics, including a little piece of PTP Heather. Made me feel a bit better.

I was at the boy-child's school most of the day on Friday doing art projects with a couple of classes. And then Friday evening I took the Cub Scout den to the bowling alley to earn belt-loops and pins. Needless to say, I came home Friday evening and was found face-down on the bed in a puddle of drool several hours later. (That's why I missed Hunky Friday.)

So, it's new moon TUSAL time. Instead of one of the cats, Teddy was all cute and curled up in the chair. I decided to share my ORT jar with him. He was nonplussed, but unmoved. You may notice that my orts look pitiful. Well, that Easter Bunny decided to hide an egg in my jar and it mashed my pretty orts all down.

A piece of good news! I got a call today from the owner of my LNS. I filled out a door-prize entry on Thursday and I won a $25 gift certificate. Yay, Me!!

And now, for this weeks hunk, I offer to you Jason O'Mara. I am so sad that Terra Nova was cancelled. That was something the whole family was enjoying watching together. sigh

See you next week. I hope it'll be a better one for me.


Andie said...

BIG BIG HUGE HUMONGOUS(sp) HUGS!!!!! It sounds like a horrid week! I can certainly relate!! Good luck with the second opinion!! Your Friday (Sat lol) hunk is very hunky...... I might have to send you a list of names to consider :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you had a bad week. I hope everything gets better. Kids...they are a challenge. He is testing you and you are doing a great job. I did a little retail therapy myself this weekend and it does help, doesn't it. Your new purchase pile looks wonderful. Thanks for the hunky guy. I didn't watch the show, but he is hunky. It seems like the best shows get canceled. Have a great week and HUGS to you.