Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Extra late WIPocalypse

I know, I know...I'm very tardy. No good excuses, just over-worked and under-sleeped. (Yes, that's a word. At least it is if I say so!)

I have been having the most difficult time slogging my way through Melva's Joan Elliott round robin piece. I don't know why. It is a beautiful little angel. I've just had such trouble getting it done. (lots of frogging. grrrrr) At least it is nearly there. I just have backstitching and beading to complete.

I felt a bit guilty about all the UFOs for my family hanging out there, so I gave a little love to the Key to My Heart project for Dad.

I did, however, like the addict that I am, start yet another project. Also for my parents. It is The Book Store from Country Cottage Needleworks. It has double meaning for my folks: 1. They both read a lot; and 2. Their last name is "Book." (as is my maiden name, duh.)

I also have an outstanding UFO round robin piece of Lindsay's. I have gotten so little done on it that I was embarrassed to take a picture. Once it was determined that my project for this RR had been stolen and was not coming back, my heart just wasn't in the stitching on everyone else's pieces. Their projects were very nice. I have no hard feelings against anyone except the thief, but every time I stitched on somebody's piece I was sad. When I put all that I can into Lindsay's, I will post a picture, probably for the next WIPocalypse post.

Until next time...


Beth Pearce said...

I think that you have made lots of progress, and coming from another start aholic, that is just okay. Especially since it is for someone else. Sorry about your lost RR that is really too bad!

Valentina said...

Can't wait to see more of you CCN Bookstore, I love these designs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm not surprised you're finding the UFO RR tricky. If I'm stitching a project and something bad happens in life the project seems to pick up the vibes from the event.
I actually had to finish a sampler for someone because everytime she picked it up it brought back the bad memories.
Your RR piece is looking good though, the bs will really bring it alive.

Always smiling said...

Oh no your RR has been lost, that is so bad.. I am not surprised that you are finding it hard to stitch some one elses.

A its fine to start some thing else, gives a boost to the soul!

Chris xx