Friday, April 6, 2012

I didn't forget today's Hunk!

I've been rather swamped and stressed out. The Girl-child came home with the stomach flu yesterday. blech!

I guess I could use a little laughter right now, so I'm going with a funny hunk today.

Here's Nathan Fillion! He really cracks me up! I first noticed him in the SciFi series Firefly and its subsequent movie, Serenity. Now I think I'm inspired. I will probably do a series over the next few weeks of some of my favorite SciFi guys, starting with the Firefly crew. hmmmm

I'll post WIPocalypse and my Liebster award tomorrow. I need some rest!


Ginny said...

I hope that you and daughter are feeling better. I don't recognize your Hunky guy this week, but he looks hunky to me :o) Get some rest.

Beth Pearce said...

Hope your little girl feels better today. I enjoy watching "your hunk" on Castle each week!

Andie said...

Oh definetly H O T!! I loved firefly!!
Hope your daughter is feeling better and you don't get it :( *hugs*