Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A follower milestone and a question

Wow! I now have 40 followers! I can't believe 40 people are interested in what I have to say. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the manly beefcakes I bribe you with share with you, right? When my husband starts tuning me out as I speak to him, I remind him that there are a lot of people out there that want to hear what I have to say, and he should consider himself lucky that he gets to hear it first-hand! tee hee

Welcome aboard!

Now a question for you...

It seems that the habit I've gotten into is only sharing pix of my actual stitching on WIPocalypse days. I need to decide if I should work harder to post more or not. On one hand I enjoy watching everyone else's projects grow, although sometimes I skip over the ones that seem to show every time they put in a thread or two. (I'm not discouraging anyone here, just managing my own time.) On the other hand, it does take a bit of time to shoot the pictures, take the memory card upstairs, upload photos, and then post. Time I should probably spend stitching. Also, I do so many round robins that those would be most of my posts. And, I sort of like saving those to surprise the ladies that I'm stitching them for when they're finished. (Also worth mentioning, I am a painfully slow stitcher in comparison to some of you.)

So, the question is...do I post my stitching more often, or save it for WIPocalypse days or when I've had a big finish? I appreciate your opinions and want to keep my blog enjoyable for both you and me.

Inquiring minds want to know!



Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Having just made a post on the forum about being obsessive over stitching, I will now prove myself to be the same over blogging!
I post 9 times a month. 4 are activities (TUSAL, WIPocalypse, 2 x Theme-a-licious) and the other 5 are progress pics or fun activities.
When I'd been blogging 4 months I noticed that I'd posted 9 times each month and it seemed about right for me. I'm not tied to certain days and sometimes there are 4 posts in one week if there's alot going on. There is always progress on my WIPS and I have enough time to read other people's blogs.
Anyway, do whatever suits you! We all love a WIP, especially the bigger pieces but I do agree about RRs. I only post when I've completed my block.

demeter83 said...

I post once a week, normally on a Saturday, and again if I get a page finish in another time, but that's it. It works for me, it means I normally get enough progress to post.

Anonymous said...

I had been wanting to start my stitching blog for a couple of years. I had already had a stamping blog for about 8 or 9 years, so I already knew the commitment to keep it up. But I decided that I wanted my stitching blog to not only share my passion for cross stitch (and maybe some knitting and crocheting), but to be a diary of sorts to keep track of what I have done and am doing. I am currently posting pictures of what I have done in the past and it will be mixed with what I am currently working on (but not stitch by stitch). It's your blog and you have to do what works for you. Your followers will always come back to see what you are up to on their time, but you have to be comfortable with your blog and do what feels right for you. Congrats on your number of followers. I enjoy visiting your blog.

Always smiling said...

I think of my blog as a sort of diary of events. With this in mind I post about family occasions, holidays away, my progress on xstitching and sewing, my garden etc so I post on a regular basiS. I don't think you should worry as to how much to post, just do what you want and is convenient to you.
Happy Days
Chris xx
PS I feel quite proud as I think I was number 40 follower!!LOL

Joysze said...

Hmm.... It's totally your call.... post whenever you feel like. If it's something you're excited about and wanna show it off, then post everyday. LOL!! If it's something that has to be kept a secret, then the pic would have to wait, but you can still post about it. :)

Hely said...

I personally love to see pics even though there would only be little progress. Other people's stitching inspire me to stitch more as well. I am a slow stitcher too and I try not to post after every stitching session as sometimes there's not much to show. Cause of that I sometimes feel that I don't post enough! :D

I think I am not really helping :D So post as often as you want, it's up to you :)